In Stock in Cumbria

The latest in the Accurite range of machines, and this looks like volume wise to be the biggest ! It replicates the functions of the Seelbach and Kolb machines which have been so popular. Of the 6 number in stock, we only have a single unit still remaining.


  • Strong mono-block structure with a machine weight of 1860kg
  • Large spindle motor power of 5.5kw with variable speed to 10,000rpm
  • Motorised z-axis with visual display positioning
  • Table size 3100 x 650mm on plan
  • Pneumatic spindle fitting : ISO30 cone allowing quick and efficient changing of the tools
  • Manual variable stop system to fix limits in x and y-axis
  • Physical machine size 3600 x 1150 x 1920mm
  • User friendly design