In Stock in Italy

The new hdm 635 drilling machine is designed to make the intersecting holes of 76 / 90 mm in diameter, where to pass the diamond wire in quarries of marble and granite. The drilling is made by a down-thehole hammer. The rotation and the advancement movements of the drilling are made possible via hydraulic motors.


  • Can drill in vertical, horizontal, or inclined directions with an easy positioning operation
  • Is equipped with a special holding-blocking hydraulic vice for the drill tubes
  • Designed to utilize either a 2” down-the-hole hammer, 76 mm dia. drill bit, and 62 mm dia.
  • Hydraulic unit: 7.5 kW
  • Compressed air at 7 bar
  • 2500 l/min with 2” D-T-H hammer
  • 3500 l/min with 3” D-T-H hammer