In Stock in Italy

This is the newest model in the ever increasing range of CNC saws from Denver. This is an extremely fast moving machine, and is idea for smaller slabs usually found in quartz / decton and other man-made materials. It has the looks of a futuristic machine, and the standard machine is packed full of the following functions, all as standard !


– “C” axis: motorized and controlled head rotation from 0° to 180°.
– “A” axis: motorized and automatic inclination of the disc motor to 90°.
– “X”,”Y”,”Z”,”C” “A” axes are motorized and controlled, programmable and visualized on the panel.
– Precision control unit with 17” coloured touch-screen. Interface for work cycles in manual mode .
– Pendant remote control.
– DXF file import.
– Multi-slab management (single-slab display).
– 3-axes probing of slab thickness and disc diameter.
– Automatic nesting.
– Corners cut-out cycle management with combo disc & core drill or incremental bit.
– Guard disc Ø max 400 mm.
– Motor 1/2 gas power Hp15 / Kw11 (S6) with 1/2″gas right thread for bit tool connection and adjustable spindle speed to 4500 rpm’s.
– Tilting table, hydraulically driven.
– Laser cut marker.
– Laser point to ease the location and storage of the origin position.
– Double electric water valve and water flow meter to control the water supply.