We have the largest and most comprehensive stock of new, refurbished and second hand stone machinery in the UK stone industry and, as one of the leading distributors of stoneworking machinery and consumables, we are not only a successful business, but also have a large number of both small and PLC companies who choose to be associated with us.

A vast array of new, second hand and reconditioned stone cutting machinery for sale, along with ample stocks of parts for these machines, provides our customers with he service to which they have become accustomed!

History of Accurite Industries

The business started in 1988 literally from the boot of a car!

A series of small but vitally important steps from small factories in Coniston, and then larger ones in Dalton-in-Furness, until its current siting in a brand new factory on the edge of the Southern Lake District in Cumbria.

Mark Brownlee has taken the company, along with a dedicated administration team, and Technicians to the business it is today.

As one of the leading distributors of stoneworking machinery and consumables, Accurite are not only a successful business, but have a large number of both small and PLC companies who choose to be associated with them.

A vast array of new and reconditioned machinery, along with ample stocks of parts for these machines will hopefully provide our customers with the service they have become accustomed to.

Take a Tour of Our Facilities

The Accurite factory contains a total of 14,000ft of purpose built covered factory space, comprising of 2 main buildings, along with over 1 acres of yard space.

The first building comprises of offices, showroom, workshop and stores. The showroom area contains at any one time 10+ new or fully reconditioned machines, all available for demonstration. This area also includes full literature and specification on each machine.

Within this building, Accurite have 2 large stores, one holding spare parts for machinery for which they are not exclusive distributors, and another even larger store containing parts for machinery which they have total UK exclusivity.

Building number 2 is primarily a storage building, with a 5T. gantry crane running the full length of the 50m building, and spanning 14m. This allows TIR trailers to be loaded or unloaded with the utmost efficiency.

Included in this building is also a demonstration area which allows machinery to be worked and demonstrated to give the customer a full understanding, and hands on experience, prior to purchase.

A new area within the building is the Accurite research and development area. This allows machines to be trailed and tested prior to sale, and gives prospective customers even more information and confidence prior to purchasing the machine.

Service & Support from a Fully Trained Team

Accurite employ a team of 4 full trained Technicians, all fully trained to be called upon in case of any installation, service or break-down. Each of these Technicians have good knowledge of all the machines we distribute, with each having their own particular specialist sector.

With directly employed Technicians, in our experience the customer can obtain a more satisfactory result in a far shorter space of time. Accurite consider this sector of their business as being vital to the future well-being of their customers, and hence there business.

An ever expanding sector of the business is the valuation of stone machinery for the purposes of security, private sale, or forced sale. We have very close links with a number of leading auctioneers, valuers and finance companies, who know they are able to get accurate impartial valuations, with complete client confidentiality.

Our Guarantee

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Largest Stockist of Stone Machinery in the UK