DENVER – QUOTA 3350 – 3 & 4 AXIS CNC


In Stock in Italy

The mid range model in the Denver series, and the most popular of the range in the UK.. The most popular of the Denver range on the UK market, it is a really good value mid-range CNC machine, representing excellent value for money.


  • Monolithic unit, with machine dimensions 4900 x 3200 x 2300mm.
  • X axis stroke 3350, with Y axis 1650mm.
  • Z axis stroke of 520mm.
  • Spindle motor power 13.9HP.
  • Ajustable spindle speed 0f 0-10,000rpm.
  • Positions in tool automatic changer of 11, with an option for a further 11, giving 22 total.
  • Work bench dimensions 3200 x 1500mm.
  • Machine weight 3200kg.