DENVER – QUOTA 4200 – 3 & 4 AXIS CNC


In Stock in Italy

This is the largest in the range of Denver CNC machines in terms of bed and working sizes. The machines characteristics are almost identical to the 3350 version, but this allows for more jobs to be on the table at any one time. We have these machines in the UK market.


  • Monolithic structure with machine dimensions of 6350x4450x2350mm.
  • Work bench size 4020x2300mm.
  • X axis stroke of 4200mm and Y axis 2450mm.
  • Z axis stroke of 520mm.
  • Tool positions in the automatic changer is 28 number.
  • Spindle motor of 13.9HP.
  • Spindle speed variable between 0-12,000rpm.
  • Machine weight 4800kg..