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The EVO is the new 5-axis interpolated cutting centre specifically designed for processing natural and engineered stone, ceramic and ultra compact materials meeting the parameters of speed, accuracy, working stroke, software interface – required for all tasks connected to the efficient slab fabrication, encompassing trimming, de-tensioning cuts, mitering, multi-directional, curved and inner cut-outs. The machine also includes the possibility of the new PIGGY-BACK integrated system for milling, drilling, carving and engraving and features automatic tool changing.

We defy anyone to find a better value for money machine on the market than this new machine from Denver.


  • Safety front doors (CE approved) made of noise-depleting ABS material.
  • “C” axis: motorized and controlled head rotation from -0° to 360° (+/-3° extra stroke).
  • “A” axis: motorized and automatic inclination of the disc motor to 90°.
  • “X”,”Y”,”Z”,”C” “A” axes are motorized and controlled, programmable and visualized on the panel.
  • Precision control unit with 17” coloured touch-screen.
  • X-Motion Vacuum handling system: Patented device for optimal cut pieces nesting.
  • Multi-slab management (single-slab display).
  • Piggy back system with automatic tool changing.
  • Automatic nesting.
  • TFS table folding system.
  • Corners cut-out cycle management with combo disc & core drill or incremental bit.
  • Linear and curvilinear mouldings with disc.
  • Interpolation up to 4 axes, with possible 5th positioning axis.
  • Process controller to monitor processing parameters in real time.
  • Guard disc Ø max 625 mm (min.Ø 350mm).
  • Main motor power Hp17,5 / Kw13 (S6) with ISO40 connection for bit tools, with adjustable spindle speed till 6000 rpm’s.
  • Tilting table, hydraulically driven, with rubber covered wooden surface.
  • Laser cut marker.
  • Laser point to ease the location and storage of the origin position.
  • Touch-Probe for slab thickness, complete with management software.
  • Automatic Touch-Probe for detection of sawblade diameter, complete with management software.
  • Electric water valve and water flow meter to control the water supply.